Now THIS is what I’m talking about!!!

I love this time of year when the tomatoes are ripe and delicious.   The hail storm beat them down, but maybe we’ll still have a good crop.

Dinner last night was BLTs.  Wrights thick sliced bacon, home grown tomatoes, some mixed greens on whole grain wheat toast.

Not sure it gets any better!

Susan ~ Patchkat


11 responses to “Yum!

  1. Wish I could come to your house for dinner. Here in the NW we really had no spring to speak of and my tomato plants are a measley foot high.
    ENJOY. Tomatoes from the garden are one of life’s true treats.

  2. YummmmmmmmmmmCan’t weight,although it will be a while. Tomatoes blooming and a few little ones set on. It will be a while in OH.

  3. RRRRR, I have plants, they have not seen any hail, but no tomatos. I am turning green, what does envy do? They look like a good crop is coming on. I’ll be over for a sandwich with fresh tomatos.

  4. Already tomatoes? Seems so early to me…
    Did you plant basil? A great sandwich on toasted bread, your choice bread….your own egg salad, fresh basil leaves and bacon…yum!
    Also toast, fried egg, cheddar cheese slices (let the cheddar sit between the slices while you fry the egg) then bacon…yum!
    Also slice chicken breasts in half lengthwise, then flatten to about 1/4 inch between two pieces of saran wrap…now dip into slightly frothily beaten egg whites, then into panko bread crumbs…add about 1/4 teaspoon poultry seasoning and your salt and pepper to the crumbs. Now fry in olive oil or canola oil…put your fried piece on a warmed tortilla or wrap…add mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato…wrap it up…yummier than anything you’ll get from takeouts. Also for a nice pizza…roll out your dough, brush with olive oil, lay on fresh tomato slices and fresh basil, then add your mozzarella…even more yum.

  5. Wow, tomatoes already! Ours survived lots of 1/4″ hail on the 31st, but it’s been too cold to put them in the garden until this week. It will be awhile before we see tomatoes. BTW, love your new scarf.
    Sharon in Oregon

    • All you Northern friends hang in there…your tomatoes will be thriving when ours have burnt up! They sure don’t tolerate many 100+ days in a row. I’ve thought about shade cloth for the worst part of the summer.

  6. Susan, those tomatoes look fabulous. If they taste as good as they look you are in heaven. My poor one plant is just poor, kind of looks like Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. One tomatoe only. Envy.
    Enjoy those BLT’s
    lovingly, Ann

    • They taste WONDERFUL!!! Bet your plant will be happier when the NM winter turns loose.