I love the mailman!!!

Of course, that’s Ernie as he goes and picks up the mail….

My sweet friend Denise surprised me with a lovely gift…an orange scarf!!!  She thought I needed a “flower child” scarf to go with my hipster gypsy look :-)   We won’t mention the smartie card that came with, ROFLOL!!!

This one received lots of nice compliments today.   Thanks, Denise!!!

Ernie is having issues with the camera, lol…personally,  I think it’s the subject matter he’s having to work with!  Took 2 different settings, 8 shots and finally, laying across the counter to get this one.  Glad he’s persistent!

Susan ~ Patchkat


12 responses to “I love the mailman!!!

    • Not sure if that is the scarf or the snooty nose, lol! DH was shooting from a little too low, hee hee hee. I’m really NOT snooty!

  1. That orange is a pretty colour on you! Is there a tambourine store nearby? :) You definitely need to start dancing with a tambourine, flourishing a skirt like those we used to make and wrap around broomsticks (I think I may be dating us!) LOL


    • hmmm…tambourine….maybe a crystal ball??? My only flourishable skirt doesn’t match! Drat! Will need to work on that!

    • Our Lord, friends and family …. the best. They all know my needs and provide :-) They sure make me smile.

  2. What a pretty shade of orange! I agree with Deb—it looks lovely on you! Denise did awesome!

    • and YOU Ms. Sneaky Pete….2 boxes from you in the mail!!! Going to entail more pictures :-) Love the pink hat and the blue flowered scarf! The pattern and extra goodies are quite delightful too! THANK YOU!

  3. I think you look beautiful! You are so lucky to have friends as fashion consultants. Keep on finding joy and laughter in every day events.

  4. I would have loved to see photos of the photographer as he was trying to get the perfect shot. Well, he accomplished what he set out to do: you’re beautiful! <3

  5. It looks great!! – I do agree – a crystal ball is needed and bit hoop earrings! You could set up shop and tell fortunes. :-))