A Purr-fect Kind of Birthday…

Day started around 7AM with call from Daughter, Laura…She wanted to be the first to wish me a Happy Birthday.  That was safe as most everyone sleeps in on the Holidays!  Had calls from my MiL, BiL,  Dad, good friend Sheryl and other family members…hard to beat those birthday wishes! 

In addition to the calls, there were cards and emails!  You’ve already seen Christy’s card, but there were lots of equally lovely cards…sentimental cards, friendly cards and a few downright funny ones!   even had one with a TDY return address!  Thanks, Denise!

 And yes, Bob…there CAN be leftover wine…but certainly not for long!!!

There is a lovely scarf from dear friend, BarbaraH, a beautiful rosebush along with a giftbag of fun goodies from that sometimes Wonderful but always Wicked Wanda!  WWanda came into town for lunch…and we both were treated when my nice boss lady joined us.  Have I mentioned lately that I have the bestest boss lady around???

A member of our church family baked a Cream Cheese Pound Cake (those are the most yummy pound cakes) and my sweet Husband gave me the lovely framed cross.  The beads were a gift to myself :-)

We celebrated Monday by getting out in the yard.  Ernie cleaned up the side yard, hauled stuff off to the burn pile, hauled trash to the dumpster.  Sure looks nice out there :-).  I spent several hours watering in the garden, tying up tomato plants and pulling a few weeds.  Spent another hour or so cleaning the deck.  We emptied the old flower containers back into the garden, cleaned up pots, trashed all the broken ones and thinned out the herd on the deck.  I finished up by sweeping.  By that time it was 95° and 2PM.   Had late lunch, I took a pill and curled up on the recliner.  Stayed there pretty much till bedtime.  Think we were both exhausted.

I enjoyed being able to get out in the yard.  The Lord gave me the strength to play in the garden.  To HIM goes all the glory!

Thank you to each and every one who sent birthday wishes.  I’ve read them all…and I agree…with friends and family like y’all, there ought to be birthdays every day!  Thank You for making my day special!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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  1. Dear Friend, I’m so glad you had such a good day. Here’s to many more! Ann