Another year older ~ Certainly not wiser!

Who decided we need to have a birthday every year?  Don’t they know that there comes and age where you like to FORGET????  

I always look forward to the birthday cards that our daughter, Christy makes.  She does such interesting and fun things with paper and embellishments…this year’s card is a “Perpetual Card”… remember those puzzles where you kept opening and folding to get different messages?  Similar concept.

The front with the message.

The first inside fold

Very 3 dimensional and sparkly.

The second inside fold with ribbon and brads

The final inside fold.

This is a really cool card!  Another keeper.  (Actually,  I think I’ve kept them all!)

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Another year older ~ Certainly not wiser!

  1. When you have family who loves you this much you should have a birthday every day! Ann

  2. Homemade cards are the best – and with all the great stuff to make them now, they are truly unique. Have a fantastic birthday!

  3. Goodness talked to you this afternoon but did not say Happy, Happy Birthday. See you tomorrow.

  4. Goodness! And I missed the whole thing!

    Happy Birthday a bit belated!

    Love you,
    Aunt Deb