106° yikes!

Not sure I’m up to these 100+ days.   It made it to 106 again today.  Wind is scorching hot, concrete is hot, everything living is either drooping, wilting or panting.  Ernie gave the kitties fresh, cool water in all their buckets.   Had several takers.

This afternoon saw a little bit of yard/deck clean-up work.  Was too hot to be out there, but we did get a little done.  Ernie raked and loaded piles of limbs, leaves and trash.  I worked on cleaning the debris off the deck and emptying pots. 

After about an hour, we were both back in the house cooling off and drinking water.  Too hot!

Yard looks much nicer now!

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “106° yikes!

  1. Good grief! There is no happy medium in this world! Our “high” was exactly half of yours, that is to say 53 degrees and we have a frost warning tonight. I have to cover my flowers or risk losing them to the frost monster. Didn’t General Sherman say if he owned Hell and Texas he’d live in Hell and rent out Texas? Having lived a good portion of my life there I’d be inclined to agree with the old boy. Especially in the summer!
    Stay cool you two!
    I’ll be wearing my flannel jammies tonight!
    Auntie Deb

  2. Yikes! We in the Northwest are busy trying to get above the mid-seventies! We are beginning to think that summer isn’t coming this year.

    Lynda in Spokane

  3. Whew! A heat wave! I can’t believe our weather. We had tornados in three separage places nearby Thursday late evening and have been having lots of rain and unreasonably cool weather. Very unusual for this time of year here. Glad you’re able to do some clean up. Things look nice and green!

  4. Ernie looks like he’s about to have a heat stroke but I like those white legs.
    Susan, so glad your surrounded by such loving people. Your description of Wanda is great. I like her and I haven’t even met her. Don’t over do. Ann

  5. I’m thinking about putting cover over my entire garden to keep it warm enough for the tomatoes and peppers to produce and you are having trouble keeping cool, doesn’t seem fair. We could use some of that warm here in Oregon.

  6. Yikes is right – stay inside in the cool. You can send just a little of that heat this way. I just had to shut the window because it’s raiing and the breeze coming in was too cool. Tho allegedly we’re headed to upper 80s tomorrow – which I’ll believe when I feel it.