Can we say “WOW”??

Major storm front moved through this afternoon…60+ mph winds, golf ball sized hail and about 30-45 minutes of serious rain!

This hailstone is basically 2″ in diameter!  The one I’m holding is almost 3″…the length of my middle finger!

Here is a view of the back through a window…look at the hail!

Looked like odd sized granular snow.  The wind was whipping it around everywhere, so our covered 8′ wide deck is also covered in hailstones and pecan tree leaves.  Pot plants were blown around and knocked off the deck, but it doesn’t look like we sustained any major damage to the house/roof.    

The garden got pretty beat down…and the yard, onion field became lakes.  The tomato plants were loaded.  Guess we’ll see if they spring back.

See the ridge running along the top of the picture…looks like a wall.  That’s the runoff from the street to the field.

Of course, that’s coming out of our side yard and off the street.  It’s headed to the Bayou which is right below the water at the top of the photo. 

It’s so low, that this much water won’t really make a difference.  It would need to pour about 8″ in an hour up north of Burkett for the Bayou to come down.

Here’s the side yard and that water has already pretty much drained off while I’ve been typing.   This will certainly be good for the trees!  This is 2 standing rains this month.

Of course,  boys will be boys…guess who was out wading around while he looked for vehicle and roof damage….

This was the street during the rain…by the time we could get out and Ernie went wading, it had already come back down to within the roadbed instead of up in the yards.

 We’re so thankful for the rains and prayerful that there is no more storm excitement for tonight!

 Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “Can we say “WOW”??

  1. Susan, just love your place even with the hail and water. Could you send just a little of the wet without the hail? Glad no major damage.
    (: Lovingly, Ann

  2. Holy Moly! And here I think our pea sized hail is bad! Hope no major damage….but the water is good–messy–but good!

  3. Woo hooo look at those legs!!! :-) Holy smokes – that’s some hail and rain tho.