Just so you know – it’s not just me, lol

Poor little ApacheKat…she’s had a sore on her underbelly that’s abcessed and healed several times.  This last time, a new sore showed up on her side.   Ernie hauled her to the vet and they kept her overnight.   

Here’s how she looks now.  See the shaved area and the line of stitching….seems the original abcess caused a “tube” to form in her side and was draining through it…of course, that required surgery and a clean out and antibiotics.  Don’t know if she originally had a snake bite or if another cat clawed her and it became infected. 

Notice the look on her face…like “I don’t believe you let them do that to me” !

Hopefully, everything will heal and she’ll be A-ok quickly.   She’s such a loving kitty.  Came out of the carrier wanting to eat and be petted.

Hard to believe somebody dumped her out here 2 years ago. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “Just so you know – it’s not just me, lol

  1. I agree I don’t know how anyone can dump an animal. Our dog Lucky was thrown from a moving truck and out cat Patches was dumped on the side of the road.
    Hope ApacheKat will be 100% better real soon.
    Carol in Delaware