3 hours of agony?

Is the dentist your friend?  

Part of my chemo treatment is going to involve the use of Zometa.   As I understand it, the Zometa promotes healthy bone growth and has a blocker to keep the cancer cells from invading anymore healtny bone tissue.   It’s also a class of drugs (like all the osteo-porosis drugs) that can cause major damage with one’s gums and jaws!

As a precaution, my Oncologist requested a dental evaluation to be sure I could use the Zometa in relative safety.

Long story short,  first trip was for a cleaning.   Then a second trip this past Tuesday for removal of 2 problem teeth and a broken root that had worked it’s way through the gum.   Oh, let’s not forget the filling.   What should have been a quick procedure turned into dental surgery and about 3 hours of chair time.  The dentist crawled in with both elbows, and a prybar…used his feet for traction on my jaw!   Needless to say, my mouth was quite sore and swollen when we were done.

I laid low on Wednesday in the recliner.   Slept, dozed and played on the laptop all day.  Didn’t resort to ice packs, but I did pop a few Hydrocodone.  Ate lots of soup for 4 days and mashed potatoes…things that didn’t require much mouth motion or chewing as both sides of my mouth were inoperable.

My mouth is much better now.  I can chew almost normal on the right side.  The left side is still very tender and the gums still feel bruised and swollen. 

But…no more bleeding gums and hopefully, any major problems averted with the Zometa useage.   The pullings were preventative rather than absolutely necessary at this time.   The dentist doesn’t want to do any type of surgery while I’m being treated.

It’s good to have knowledgeable Drs…who are willing to work together for MY benefit.

Susan ~ Patchkat


12 responses to “3 hours of agony?

  1. Oh Man, Your dentist and mine both went to Crowbar and Jackhammer School of Dentistry and Roadworks! I’m glad this is behind you now. The first few days are misery, but it gets better – eventually. I hope you wrapped up in your WWanda quilt…

    BTW, I got some Cavel pictures I’d *never* seen from a cousin today. I have no scanner at the moment, I’ll try to photograph them and send copies to you asap.

    Big love,
    Auntie Deb

    • mouth feeling much better. Threw a little tooth chip at lunch today…think that’s what’s been bothering me the last couple of days. Yep, I’ve been wrapped in the WWanda quilt and a quilt from another group of great internet friends…all hearts, floral backing. PRETTY.

      Cool on the Cavel pics…I’ll be waiting!!!
      Hugs and love back at ya!

    • heee heeeheee…wait till you see what I treated myself to today…I’ll post pics this weekend!

  2. It is a good thing you are a strong woman, a weak one would have caved a long time ago. My prayers are with you everyday as are my prayer warriors. Hugs and love Patticake

  3. Be thankful you have a dentist who will do what is right instead of what will make him more money. Blessings to you!

  4. Youch!!! That does not sound like fun at all. I think MUCH ice cream is in order.