I love rose season!

On the left is Mr. Lincoln.  They start off their bloom as blood red and fade out to the wine color on the left.

On the far right is Perfumed Delight.  They are just a gorgeous pink…with the best smell.  I don’t think I’ve ever smelled such a fragrant rose.   I wish we had a whole yard of these!

The little yellow roses at the bottom are a climber rose.  Think I posted a photo of the first bloom awhile back.   These are slowly taking over one side of our fence.  Sure are pretty.

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “I love rose season!

  1. Oh, what gorgeous roses! It’s snowing here today so I have to just enjoy your pictures. Wish I could smell ’em. The love seat recliner looks great! I’ll bet it’s comfy too. But I didn’t like your comment about that new drug being cancer fertilizer, let’s pray that is not the case and it’s working MIRACLES!
    Love you bunches,
    Your ole auntie Deb

  2. Beautiful roses, Susan!. I love them also. We have 15 bushes along our back fence. Only one is blooming much now but many ready to pop out, just in time for our company next week as my sis from VA, her son and a niece will be here from May 3-12 for my granddaughter’s wedding on 5/7. I’m hoping they pop out in their full glory. Would help if we could only get a few days of good sunshine! Also have some gardenias that may be blooming. They really smell good too!

  3. They are gorgeous! I have little leaves finally starting sprout on the shrubs but that’s about all that’s starting to grow here. LOL

  4. Beautiful! The lilac is in bloom here and the spirea leaves are out! Tulips and daffodils, etc. but no roses, yet!