Out with the old, in with the new…

and Ernie is praying I don’t mean him!!!

The old sofa and love seat left at lunchtime.  Happily to be rehomed at the Humane Society Thrift Shop.  I’m sure the set will find a new home soon. 

Ernie went to Brownwood and trailered the new double recliner sofa home this afternoon.  High winds necessitated a 40-45 mph drive….and that’s a long 35 miles that way.   Once he had it home,  he couldn’t unload it onto the deck and into the house alone.  It was for certain I couldn’t lift and tote.  Ernie called our Pastor who brought his wife and they got the sofa into the house.  

Here it is still on the trailer…check out how Ernie moves his trailer around..  Pretty good use for the old lawn tractor.   Ernie can pull or push with his setup.  Comes in handy.

Blondie thought the lawn tractor was a great seat to watch the World go by.  Fraidy was under the trailer and Muckley is on the end of the trailer.

I’ll show you indoor pictures once it’s in place and the living room is cleaned up.   Right now it’s all a mess of furniture pushed against walls.

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Out with the old, in with the new…

  1. Looks like a match to the one we bought 2 years ago and love. Bought the love seat to go with it. We love our set.

    • This has a loveseat…we just didn’t buy it. We may purchase the matching recliner chair a little later on.

  2. Nice color, Susan… sort of neutral enough to decorate around, but not boring like some neutrals.

    • A little darker than we’re used to, but certainly a do-able neutral. Quilts will look lovely draped over it!

  3. Are you sure that set up doesn’t belong to the cats rather than Ernie. Looks like they’re ready to go for a trip somewhere. LOL Great looking sofa.