The recliner has been chosen

and it’s the….drum roll….sofa with the double recliners!   We’ve decided to get rid of both gold couches and try just having the sofa.  I did check on the availablilty of the matching recliner chair just in case.   

 I need to call the Humane Society Thrift shop and see if they would like the gold set to resale.   If so,  Ernie will be hauling them into town on Tuesday and going to Brownwood to pick up the new!  I’m excited!   I love the gold set, but my body says it’s a necessity to have the recliner.   I couldn’t convince myself to have a mismatched set, so the gold has to go go go.

Ernie bought me a purple cane today.   It will take me awhile to get comfortable with it and trying to carry things will be a challenge.  It does help to have it for support.   Allows me to take some of the pressure off the pelvic joint when I’m walking.

Bless his heart…he’s been doing laundry since we got home.  I think he’s got “fold-itis” now and he’s exhausted.  I hate not being able to take care of the day to day stuff.   I can only tell you how blessed I am to have a sweet hubsand who will step in and take care of things.  He’s done dishes, swept floors, cleaned bathrooms and done lots of laundry in the last year.   He’s for sure a keeper!   (Guess that’s good, cause we’ll celebrate 31 years in November…and he believes in the “for better or worse” part of the vows.)

Susan ~ Patchkat


One response to “The recliner has been chosen

  1. Just a quick “recipe” to dress up your cane…

    Take a 4 1/2 inch wide by width-of-fabric piece of fabric, leaving the selvege edges intact. Fold back ends and insert elastic (1/4 inch works well but you can adjust length according to whether the rubber end comes off your cane or not) then sew along your raw edge. Slip onto your cane for an instant dress-up day!

    I’ve made a wardrobe of these for my aunt and she loves them! She changes them out according to holiday or mood…have fun!