A day shopping ~ and nothing to show

We headed off to Brownwood this afternoon to find a recliner.  Seems like that would be simple, but man!  What a lot of choices.  

First the requirements…a high seat, comfortable seating in all 3 positions, easy operating lever, easy to close, nice upholstery and a color we both like.

We found 2 with higher seats (necessary for me to get out of)…a couple with comfortable seating when in all the positions.  1 with an easy to operate lever, another with an easy to operate door handle type lever.   About 6 in acceptable upholstery and several colors we could agree on.   Only problem ~ we couldn’t find all the features in 1 recliner, LOL.

Given all the options,  we didn’t buy anything.   We did agree on a loveseat that we both liked that is easy to lower and raise.  The store assures us they can order a recliner to match and they have a 3 cushion (2 recliner) sofa on the showroom floor.   I’m thinking we may go back tomorrow,  try the sofa again.   If it suits, then we may order the chair and buy the sofa!  

That’s the easy part.   Now,  we will need to rehome our current 3 cushion sofa and it’s matching loveseat.   Sounds pretty easy, but we have spent the last month trying to rehome a queen bed.   Finally got it out of the house this morning! 

Don’t you just hate messing with buying, moving, disposing of furniture?   I do.

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “A day shopping ~ and nothing to show

  1. You are so lucky to be getting a new ‘neighbor’ when Judy L moves to Brownwood. I can only imagine the get-togethers when you two meet up.