I’m Still Here :-)

Once again,  I’ve let life and other things overtake me.   BUT….as someone once said,  I’m no quitter!  

I’ve missed several weeks of stashbusting reports, but I have been sewing.   I’ll have a report for this coming Sunday :-)    My dear friend, Wanda came over a couple of weekends ago.  She came on Friday and we sewed till we couldn’t hold our heads up anymore.   After that, it was off to bed.   Wanda was up early cutting and sewing on a baby quilt for a teacher friend.   I was a slug and didn’t get started until 9:30 or so.   But,  I did sew a handful of 9 patch star blocks.   I think Wanda helped me with the setting for them!   I haven’t really loaded them into EQ7 to play with the possible settings, but that’s next.   We laid some out on point and straight set.  Discussed a few options for sashings or connecting blocks.   Found one that I really like, just need to see if it will look great when set together.   If so,  then I’ve got more cutting and stitching.

Nice Boss Lady sent me off to Austin for a week of training.   I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and the trainer.  Mary Ann Russ is the Executive Director of the Dallas Housing Authority and she knows lots and lots about Public Housing.   It was great to hear how other housing facilities handle our common issues.   It will be several weeks before our certification exams are scored and returned.   I’m praying I at least passed!  LOL.    Ernie hung out and played chauffer.  He’s good at that and it was great to know he was there if I had any problems getting around.   He took me out to Texas Land and Cattle for  a yummy steak dinner on our last night there.

Since we’ve been home,  it’s been nothing but wildfires.  Texas is being consumed by flames.   Our Volunteer Fire Dept has been busy.  They’ve responded to numerous calls around the county and we sent one truck and a 3 man crew to help over at Robert Lee.  Not sure they’ve got that fire contained yet.  There were 2 fire fighters from 2 other departments who lost their lives.   One was from Eastland, TX and the other from up in the panhandle.  Keep their families in your prayers.   We hate to hear of a volunteer fire fighter being hurt or dying in firefighting.   We live in dread when our guys go out…and give thanks when they return home safely.

Ernie has harvested our first banana peppers and onions.  We have tomatoes that will be ready in another week.     Cool!  He’s had to work the garden alone this year as I’m unable to get down low enough to help much.  Next year, raised beds!!!!

Enough of all that!  My latest excitement….my friend, JudyL, is moving to Brownwood!!!!   32 miles south of us.   I can’t wait to see her again.  We’re to meet for dinner in a couple of weeks.   I’m dying to meet Vince, her hubby.  He sounds like such a character.  Should be a fun dinner.

Off to sew or do something productive.   We’re under a severe thunderstorm watch!!!

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “I’m Still Here :-)

  1. I’m so glad Judy is moving nearby, but also jealous! She’s such a talented quilter and a great person. She’s into challenges, so you’ll be making more than stars!! And, isn’t that Wanda just the bestest!

    • Yes, she is…but I know some other very talented quilters too!!! Don’t hide your light under a basket!