The cats are our worst critics sometimes…

If these guys aren’t fed on time, they’re huffy.  If they have to move after they’ve gotten all comfy, they get huffy.  If YOU move after they get all comfy,  they get huffy…see where this is going?   Everything has to be the kitties way.  EVERYTHING.  These guys rule the roost!     

This one got a little huffy because I made her move frther away from the pepper plants

Can you see the frown on her face?  The crouched stance…she’s huffy.

But…sometimes,  they do really dumb things and we have to grab the camera!  Wonder if they get embarrased when we tell them we posted the photos on the internet?  LOL.  Who knows exactly WHAT kitties think. 

Here’s SassyFras.   SLEEPING!   This cat is totally dead to the world.  The box she’s laying in has a bag of packing peanuts inside.  Bound to be real cushy and comfy. 


She was not real happy when I made her get out of her cozy nest and move!    Matter of fact, she stalked off HUFFY! 

Guess it’s a good thing we love the cats :-)  Otherwise, we’d certainly have issues.

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “The cats are our worst critics sometimes…

  1. I have the same problem with my cats. They start at 4:45 picking at me to get up and feed them.

  2. The cats are cute, but they start up my asthma. What I loved was your wineglass quilt. Beautiful

  3. Thanks Kat i loved the pictures and i have 4 schnauzers that can get pretty huffy too if moved when sleeping :)

  4. This post made me laugh. I love the “Huffy” pose in the garden. What an expression! We only have one Imperial Kitty, but *as you know* he rules this roost. Huffy is not the word! Displease him by shifting slightly when he’s lying in my lap and he nips me. Not hard enough to break the skin, or really even hurt, but just enough to express his irritation. Once he’s settled beside me in bed, I am not *supposed* to move. And NOT to wake me when I am resting pleez! He sees nothing wrong with waking me half a dozen times a night, but I’d better not wake him. :) The naughtiness is definitely part of their charm.
    Love you! (Also those gorgeous roses – you do know it’s still snowing here? sniff)
    Auntie Deb