Humane Society

   I’ve been waiting for weeks to get a shot of this sign without someone’s vehicle parked in the way.   I still couldn’t get far enough away to shoot it straight on.  Isn’t this a cool sign?  It’s on the side of the Humane Society Thrift Shop.  We made our first foray into the store a few weeks back.  Pretty standard layout.  Lots of kitchen goods, several racks of ties, belts and purses.  Clothes, clothes and more clothes.  Books, electrical appliances, records, some furniture.   I walked out empty handed.  Still,  I appreciate the work they do.  In Coleman, it’s mostly about dogs.  There isn’t a shelter for the kitties yet.   Hopefully,  they will complete the kitty shelter in the upstairs of this building. 

I just wanted to share the sign.   Brings to mind past days where buildings had their advertising painted on the outside of the buildings.  Pretty cool.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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