Have you missed me?

Things have been hectic and will be so for at least the rest of April.  I’ve had Dr appts…mixed news.  The Oncologist is going to start me on Zometa towards the end of the month.  That’s supposed to promote bone strength and growth…and have a cancer blocking property.  Not killing…but maybe blocking it from further damage while the chemo does it’s thing.  Appt yesterday was with Ortho Surgeon.  The x-rays show some new bone growth on the pelvic bone, but the tumor has spread towards the hip socket which is why it’s so painful to walk.

The ball is back in the Oncologist’s court.  We’ll do the next treatment then a CT scan the first week in May.  If there is no noticable improvement, then we’re going to be looking at referrals to Dallas area specialists.  

This came from the Dr. visits this week.  At least there will be some relief from having to hike through the parking lots at the hospital and stores.   That will be a great help.   Walking for long periods is totally out now.

I feel great.  That’s the blessing in all this!   It no longer hurts to sit.   That’s a blessing.  We’re trying more aggressive treatments.  That’s a blessing.   Just keep us in prayer.  It’s working!

Susan ~ Patchkat




7 responses to “Have you missed me?

  1. I’m so glad to hear you feel great. Continued prayers that the good Lord leads you to the right combination of medicines/doctors, etc.

  2. My thoughts and prayers have been with you in your “away time”. Not hearing from you makes me hope you are doing well and enjoying something you have not been able to do for awhile. We are out here, and you are with all of us who look forward to your pictures and words.

  3. I’ve been wondering where you were. I’m glad to hear from you, but wish you had much more positive news. On the plus side I’m so grateful you feel well. The parking sticker is a blessing too.

    Sending many hugs and prayers your way!

    Auntie Deb

    • Don’t be silly. We’ll be there with bells on! I may be on a walker if Ernie has his way, ROFLOL!