A tale of woe

Our lovely Pecan Bayou is so low that even the fish have moved on (or so it seems)  

Ernie is out fishing this evening,  but it’s certainly not here…he’s fishing the neighbor’s tank. 

See those round concrete pumps on the right bank?  Those used to be in the water!  We’re so in need of a hard rain to fill the spreader dams behind us.  Otherwise, we’re never going to have water.   I almost hate the spreader dams, but I understand that those ranchers running cattle need to ensure there is water for the cattle tanks.  Before the spreader dams, the area you’re looking at was 20′ deep.   Now it’s probably about 4′ at the deepest.  Along the shoreline, it’s about 1′!  That’s pretty sad. 

Here’s another view.  The triangular bridge abutment on the right (visible under the metal railing) was Ernie’s fishing platform…when there was water.   The water used to run at the base of the concrete.  

Today, the water is about 6′ below that.   The neighbor’s cows have worn down a trail from the water to the pastures above.  They use it like a super highway, lol.  I don’t know how they keep from sliding in!

We’re praying for rain on a daily basis.   The whole community needs to have the Bayou running bank to bank cleaning itself out and bringing in new fish and water.

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “A tale of woe

  1. I understand dry it is dry here in central texas too. I will be praying for rain in your community along with rain in mine.

  2. Susan, you should have some of our rain. We are getting pretty sick and tired of it. Every day now for I don’t know how long. We have 3 dams fairly close that have been way down–75 ft. or maybe more in Shasta Dam. They are now releasing water at 40,000 cubic feet per second to prevent flooding in case the dam should fail becauae of being so full. We weren’t supposed to get rain today. It was “Kite Day” and it was supposed to be windy. Well, we got both wind and rain. I’d send you a rain cloud if I could!

  3. Is it normal to be this dry in the spring? Could that mean you will run out of water in the summer? That’s kinda scary! Spring here is always a time to worry about flooding. I didn’t realize it would be so dry there.

    • no, last Spring was wet and the wild flowers were beautiful. However, we are in a period of drought and this is shaping up to be a dry Spring. Lake Brownwood is very low as are the other area lakes. We don’t run out of water, but water rationing is a common happening in the Summer. You know, only watering in the early am or late pm…and sometimes, the days you can water are limited. We just take it in stride and keep on going. DH hauls the rinse water (from doing dishes) out to a larger bucket where we dip it out for watering the garden. In El Paso, I had a sump pump with a long, long hose that I put in the bathtub after I showered to water the flowerbeds! That worked quite well and we only paid for the shower water, lol…not the garden water.