The view from my seat

in our favorite cafe…

How would you like to eat with this thing and it’s two companions drooling over your plate???

These were shot in Texas.   Not sure exactly where, but it’s a big deal in March for a group of men to head out on the big Ram hunt.  These were from last year’s hunt.   The local taxidermist brings them to the cafe where they hang on the wall awaiting customer pickup.  I think it’s pretty sad for the animals.

Here’s a shot of all 3 above the booth where we normally sit.  They’re huge heads and were beautiful animals in the wild.

I’ll probably never understand the hunting thing.   Maybe if we still had to be hunters to eat.  I love to eat!

Patchkat ~ Susan


3 responses to “The view from my seat

  1. I couldn’t agree more Susan, I don’t understand the hunting thing either…the trophy bit…just don’t get it. Poor animals. I don’t want to look at them like that either.

  2. Reminds me of all those animals on the walls, on top of fridge, etc. at the cabin in Arkansas.

  3. Remember how dressed up those deer were when we left? Bows, ribbon, and other things. Even some quilting scraps.