Little Bear Kat…our “Ranger Kitty”

Unlike his brother, Blonde, Bear feels the need to roam and range the town. 

He disappears for days at a time making us wonder and worry.  He doesn’t want to be a house cat.   He neutered, well fed and certainly well loved.   What to do with him?   I’m so afraid something is going to get him…be it vehicle, owl, fox, coyote, dog or that Panther that’s been seen around town. 

Why can’t they make a pill to take away their urge to roam?  He’s just like his daddy, Pagan.  Pagan was wild for the most part and roamed the whole town.  I think Bear has picked up where Pagan left off.  Pagan disappeared last Fall…never to be seen again.

Susan ~ Patchkat


6 responses to “Little Bear Kat…our “Ranger Kitty”

  1. I haven’t had a cat now in years, however, when I have had, I love them too much to let them roam….and yet it seems a bit mean doesn’t it when they have the wanderlust in their hearts. My little ole neighbor at the beach has one that refuses to come in side, but every day when he walks the dog, the cat dutifully follows…cutest thing to watch them…little old man, old fat English Bulldog and cat…she follows about 10 paces behind. I really should take their picture, it is just so cute.

  2. We too had a cat like that.
    He was a stray that adopted us when we lived in South Carolina. We had him neutered and he slept in our garage at night.
    But during the day he roamed.
    We brought him when we moved to Oregon and he lived the same way. He came in for meals and slept in the garage except for the nights he played hard-to-get and stayed out.
    As he got older he stayed out less and less.
    He lived to be 19. He got sick and we had him put down but he really was “THE BEST CAT IN THE WORLD” as we used to call him.
    They seem to be the type of cats who need to be free and somehow they stay safe…
    We will stay cat-less until a new cat adopts US.

    • Bear and Blondie’s mom, ApacheKat, adopted us and she’s happy to be an inside kitty. She only goes outside to do her business or to lay on the deck in the sunshine. Blondie stays real close to the house…he’s the one who was rattler bit last Spring. He’s still a retard! Bear just feels the need to roam. When he comes in, he stays for several days/nights…then he’s out the door and gone again.

  3. they do make feliway, that calms a cat. its pricey but better than the worry. It should keep him INSIDE. and the other cats will be calmer too.
    you can get it thru the vet or at a full fedged pet store. otherwise ask the vet. my dh has a cat that started going out in a flash when the door got opened, he was taught with a spray bottle everytime the door has opened for about a week now. He doesnt even try anymore.

    • We do a lot of spray bottle training here too. For some things, it works well. For others things like going outside, just doesn’t seem to work. Bear wants to go out, thinks he’s an outside kitty. He’s the only one with roaming issues. I wish we could keep him inside 24/7.

      I have something from our vet that sounds similar to feliway. I can’t say that it calms the kitties at all, lol.