A brave yellow iris pushes up into the daylight…on a 36° morning.  A couple of days later,  the first deep purple iris is blooming!  I absolutely love the iris!

Not to be outdone, the tub bound Quince threw out a few blooms.  These were sticks about 3 years ago that one of our neighbors gave me off of her Flowering Quince.  I stuck them in a pot and only 2 rooted.  Now there is just 1, but it’s quite healthy looking.  Maybe this will be the year it actually makes it out of this tub and into the ground.

The Hostas that I thought had died have come back strong.  Ernie watered them several days ago and set the pots in the sun…and look at them now!  

In about 2 weeks, they’ll be shooting up bloom stalks and  the bees will come.

 Needless to say,  these have multiplied greatly and should also be in the ground.  I had wanted to plant them around the fountain,  but I’m so afraid of snakes…and cool hostas around the base of a fountain seems too inviting.  At least with them in pots, I can SEE the ground.   Just call me chicken :-)

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Springtime!

  1. You are pretty far ahead of us here in OR. Our daffodills are blooming and my early tulips are popping up. Nothing on the hostas yet but my camelias are late this year too. Have been out the last 2 weekends baiting for slugs (they got a couple of daffodills before they bloomed though).
    Spring is such a time of renewal, I love it.
    Thanks for sharing your flowers with me.

  2. Oh, those irises are lovely. They are my favorite flower, since childhood. You know what I’m seeing outside *my* window? Snow and lots of it. It snowed all day yesterday, on top of icy roads so there were two wrecks on the road in front of our building. People couldn’t stop at the intersection it was so icy. So I’m loving your iris pictures, and quince pictures. We did have a flock of about 100 robins in the trees outside our windows yesterday morning. They were eating the shriveled crabapples and plums on the trees. I’ve never seen so many robins together. Must be migrating.
    Love you,
    Aunt Deb

  3. Bearded Iris are my favorite flower too. They are so fragrant. We have some still in pots from being transplanted from Mother’s yard in Alabama. A white one bloomed last week.