Where to Start?

Daughter Stacie and the grands came in on Wednesday afternoon.   We’ve had a grand time!   Little Adrienne is a total whirlwind…the child has a fast and faster speed, lol.  Here she is outside hopping around with a stick.  This is after she’s chased Apache down and stuck her on a stool for petting. 

ApacheKat didn’t really fight.  She ate up all the lovings and pettings that came her way.

Then there was Allison…who has hit those dreaded “teenage” years.   She had a cell phone in one hand and the computer mouse in the other :-)   She’s a FB fanatic, lol.  

Of course,  here’s Mom…cell phone in one hand, other hand on the computer mousepad :-)  That’s not quite true, as you can see, Stacie’s hand is hiding her from the camera!   

What you also don’t see is G’ma has both her hands on the laptop playing Cafe World in FB.  Guess it runs in the family, ROFLOL!

Reed was the only one who didn’t spend hours on the computer or the cell phone and wasn’t texting.   He spent lots of time behind the BBGun and messing around outside.  He helped Granddad wash windows on Thursday.  How nice to be able to see out them again!


Mealtimes were well attended as we had grilled porkchops, new potatoes with green salad; hotdogs, coleslaw, mac’n’cheese; and spaghetti, garlic toast and tossed salad…Stacie helped cook and clean.  Always welcome!  

She also made an assembly line lunch today of quick Frito pie bowls for everyone.  Frito chips, chili and cheese…Wasn’t a crumb left!!!

Sadly,  they loaded up and headed for home this afternoon and we’re left with a quiet house.   The kitties were all happy as they could come in to eat without having to worry about extra people.  A couple of the kitties are real skittish around children.   Now,  they’re all stretched out and sleeping.

Susan ~ Patchkat


7 responses to “Where to Start?

  1. Thanks for sharing. Good medicine for all, to see family happily sharing time and space. I know it was good medicine for you.

    • hee hee hee…me too! That’s why it’s still hanging on the wall instead of being changed out for a new one!

  2. Great pictures. I know you enjoyed having them with you. And these are memories they will always have.