Hearts, hearts and more hearts!

Yesterday, I arrived home to be greeted by a package…and in this package was a lovely snuggly, huggie quilt from a group of sweet friends!  

This quilt is complete with kitty faces, scriptures and many, many pretty hearts.

Thank you sister quilters for your caring thoughts, the lovely quilt…and thank you Melba for the cute kitty pillowcase! 

This was unexpected and really means a lot to me.  

I appreciate your continued prayers and emotional support and all the work that went into the conception, making and quilting.  Lovely quilting BarbaraH!   I will treasure the quilt :-)

Thanking you all…

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “Hearts, hearts and more hearts!

  1. It turned out great! You deserve it gal with all you do for us! It will be just the thing when you really need those hugs!

    I have some of the sashing fabric on a pillow case—so pretty!

  2. I’m so sorry you’re having so much trouble…hope this therapy works well for you. How nice of your quilting friends to make you a quilt…very thoughtful of them. I hope the love in it brings good things to you.