Tractor Graveyard

Do you ever wonder what happens to all those old lawn tractors? 

I can personally vouch for the whereabouts of 3.   Think this may be the year that these 3 move on to a tractor graveyard.   Ernie has repaired each of these and cut all year long for 3 seasons, but they were on their last legs when he picked them up.   One of them can do a little bit of speed, one cuts real good…and the last one is more for parts. 

Now,  they just find us!   With the decks raised, they make pretty good 4 wheelers for the grandkids.   There is a little trailer that can be attached to one.  We’ve hauled firewood, rocks and junk around the property.  Quite handy.  

We have so many rocks, that Ernie hasn’t been willing to put a new riding mower out there, but now, it’s down enough that we can see most of the rocks and avoid hitting them.  Time for a new lawn tractor!

Susan ~ Patchkat


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