Spoiled Brats?

Am I speaking of the kitties or the man?  Both actually :-)  The kitties love to be petted.   The man loves to be petted.   I think from the looks on their faces, they’re all having a mutual “love in” and they’re all spoiled!          

We couldn’t have done this with Swirl a year ago.   He’s tamed down quite nicely.   Of course the black and white beauty, Floppsy, is a celebrity.  He’s been featured in our local online newspaper several times.  

 Both of these kitties are drop off kitties…what we call rescue kitties.  Someone didn’t love them enough to take proper care of them, so they dropped them off in the country leaving them to whatever fate befell them.  These 2 were lucky.  They came to us and have a good home.   They get fed 2X a day, get all the petting they want and have a safe place to sleep at night.   I’ve always said if there was  an afterlife on Earth,  I’d come back as one of our kitties!  SPOILED!

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “Spoiled Brats?

  1. that is how we got all of our four house cats and one outside cat. He comes up at night and looks in kitchen window to say”feed me”. When it was so cold I got him to let me put him in utility room at night, now he comes to the door and paws to get in. He knows there is food, water, litter box and a warm place to sleep. I would let him in, but my dogs and house cats don’t like the idea of a new cat in the house. At least not yet.
    We had four dogs, but one died Monday night. This dog orginially belonged to my neighbor, but about six years ago decided she wanted to live with us. The best we can tell she was somewhere between 10 and 12 yrs old. Telling my neighbor of Lexus’s death, she told me she had been the third owner of her, so I guess we were the fourth and she liked us best. She was a very sweet and gentle little dog and will be missed very much.