Sure Signs of Spring….

Our first Bradford Pear blossoms for 2011!   Of course,  this tree doesn’t understand that we’ll have another freeze.   Old farmer’s tale is that if it thunders in February, it will freeze in April.  We’ve had an Easter freeze every year we’ve lived here….and with Easter being late this year,  I bet we still have a freeze! 

All of the roses are in full leaf.  I took a cutting off this one and stobbed it into the ground about 2 feet away…and it’s putting out it’s first leaves!  I’m hoping it will root this year and do well, then maybe I can move it come Fall.   It’s a lovely yellow climber rose….with tinges of coral. 

The Mr. Lincoln red roses are leafing in deep red leaves as is the pink rose…I can’t remember it’s name right now.   It’s the most fragrant rose I’ve ever smelled.  Makes big floppy pink blooms.

Another good indicator of Spring is this silly little ground cover weed….think it’s called Henbit.  I think the flowers look like tiny orchids.  I don’t mind them at all and the bees love them.   Our whole back yard area is covered in Henbit. 

The DayLilies aren’t doing too bad either.  We have about 5 different kinds and so far,  3 of them are sending up leaves.   Ernie watered everything and we’ve been having sunny 75-80 degree days.   I haven’t seen any signs of the Hostas yet, but the Iris are all leafing and the first ones should be blooming in another month.    

The onions we planted last week aren’t looking so good.   Maybe they just need some sunny days to put up new leaves.  Everything that was on them when we planted has turned brown :-(    I’ve lost my gardening green thumb!

Susan ~ Patchkat


2 responses to “Sure Signs of Spring….

  1. I agree, spring seems a long time coming. We had six inches of snow night before last, and everything is frozen up. We’ve had an unusually cold winter, while it’s been much warmer farther north.

    I love henbit too, I hadn’t seen in it years, as it doesn’t grow in Alberta and it didn’t grow here until the last few years when our winters have become milder by several degrees. But I found some last year at the back of my garden, and though it’s a foreign invader carried north in mud on vehicles I saw it as a childhood friend.

    I’ll be putting an invitation on freecycle for people to come dig the perennials from my garden. They will just gravel in this site when we are gone, and there’s no sense in letting them bury $2000 worth of roses, hostas and other plants. snif.

    Off to my warm bed…. Love you,
    Aunt Deb