Another no stashbusting week :-(

Need to get back on my schedule or I won’t meet this year’s goals.   Seems with the warmer days, we’re heading outside after work…garden is calling.  SO…even though I’m not sewing, I am playing in the dirt a little!  That’s a blessing!!!

Ernie said we’re supposed to have freezing nights this next week and snow is possible for the weekend.   Guess I’ll wait a few more days to set out the Yukon Gold potatoes.   Also bought tomato plants.  They’re in partial sun on the front porch.  I’ll move them into the greenhouse at night.   The sun and warm breezes will be good for them…a freeze would not.

 Today’s Sunday school message was on Faith.  Ernie led us in scripture with a lot of group discussion which is always good.   His first question was what do you have faith in.   Made me stop and think a little further than the standard church answers.   Besides faith in God and the truth of the Bible,  I have faith in my family…the faith that they will always pull together and be there for me…and each other.

We went to Cross Plains for dinner after church.  Ate at Mexico City.  Obviously, mexican food, lol.  Nothing to rave about, but acceptable fare.   Now it’s laundry and a little housecleaning for me.  Computer first!!!!

Susan ~ Patchkat