Tax Time ~ :-(

Here I need to be doing our income tax…need to have it ready SOON…and instead, I’m running around outside taking pictures and sitting inside playing computer games.  What’s wrong with this picture?  Some things are more fun than others, lol.  Give me a nice day outdoors any day!

The armadillo has been busy in the back yard.  She’s dug divets all over the yard.  Looks like a driving range for bad bad golfers, lol.   This looks like a rut, but it’s actually a series of holes.  Guess she’s finding all the grubs.  That works for me.  She’s welcome to all she can find and eat!  That’s fewer June bugs to deal with come Summer.

  This tree is in the neighbor’s back field.  The story is that it was struck by lightening many years ago and died.  Another neighbor picked up the huge limbs that were on the ground, but I love the knarly old tree that’s left. 

So does Little Momma.   She suns on it most every day after she’s eaten.   She climbs right up and stretches out on the branches and surveys the domain.  

Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in Burkett???

Susan ~ Patchkat