Stashbusting – Don’t I Wish!

It’s the pits when tax work and housework pre-empt sewing.  I’ve not done any fun stuff (except play some on facebook) and pet kitties for the last 2 weeks.  There has been no sewing other than a little bit of binding in the evenings.

  • Yardage purchased this week  –  0 yds 
  • Yardage used this week  –  0  yds
  • Year to date purchased  –  0 yds
  • Year to date used  (goal 300 yds)  –  33.5  yds 
  • UFOs completed (goal 12)  –     2
  •  Charity quilt tops made – ytd (goal 20)  –   2
  • Charity quilts completed –  ytd (goal 20) –   4
  • No changes from 2 weeks ago.  Gotta get this tax stuff out of here and get back to quilting!  Definitely time for a “reward” to myself!

    Susan ~ Patchkat


    Sealing of the Floor

    The Burkett Volunteer Fire Department will soon have a new home.  The roll-up doors are installed, the plumbing will be done soon as will the electrical work. 

     Some of the members have been busy doing the “grunt” work.    This included scrubbing the tire marks off the concrete pad so it could be sealed.  Here is the sealing party.  Does it look like they’re having fun?  Looks easy, but was several hours of hard work to get that first coat down.

    Photo courtesy of D. Golson.

    Susan ~ Patchkat