A Tree Full of Birds!

The Cedar Wax Wings showed up again this afternoon…in mass.  This is just one tree full, but every tree in the back looked like this.  There must’ve been 300-400 of them.  The Hackberry Seeds were falling like rain in our backyard.

I love listening to the high pitched music they make…sounds like small rusty hinges, lol.

Here’s a little closer shot.  Their undersides are bright yellow/pinkish red.  They have top knots and little black masks.  The most interesting part…that tail that’s tipped in the 1/4″ of bright lemon yellow!

Just a beautiful species of birds.

  Not to be outdone, this fellow was drilling in every tree around and a couple of power poles.  He’s pretty wily as I couldn’t get close enough to get a really good shot of his back.  Ladderback Woodpeckers are old friends from our El Paso days.  They’re quite destructive to the trees…so people don’t really want them or encourage them in this area.   They can kill out a pecan or fruit tree in a season.  I still love to see them and hear their drilling.

Susan ~ Patchkat



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