WOW! What kind of birdie is this???

Ernie grabbed the camera and shot this one.   We saw one at the church a few weeks ago. Not a bird we’ve seen in Burkett. 

We’re thinking it’s a Killdeer (Plover).  Not sure what kind.  Probably on it’s way to somewhere else.  It has a white neck ring, with double black stripe collar, white underside, long, skinny legs and that destinctive bill.  

You can click on the photo to enlarge!

This has turned out to be a good year for bird watching!

Susan ~ Patchkat


5 responses to “WOW! What kind of birdie is this???

  1. Yes, it is a Killdeer! We have them here. They make a funny sound!

    When I lived down in the country near the bay, they would be in my yard. They build their nests right on the ground out in the open~~usually on sandy, peeblely ground.

  2. Yes, you’re correct! We have killdeer here in Western PA every summer. Maybe he’s headed our way! They nest in the grass, so too often the nests are run over by lawn mowers. They get very upset and angry if you get too close to the nest! Enjoy!! :-)

  3. It sure looks like a killdeer to me. My Peterson’s guide says they range from Southern Alaska and Canada to Central Mexico. I’ve never seen one here. Maybe they don’t like the high, desert country in New Mexico.