Tracks in the Night ?

We feed the kitties on our deck about 5PM…every night.   They don’t always clean up their pans.  The food has attracted opossum, skunk, raccoons and birds.   We’ve had skunks bellied up to the pans right along with the kitties. 

We’ve had families of coons…Mom, Dad and 4 or 5 adorable kits.  They’ll give the coons a wide berth most of the time, but occassionally, if the food is really good, the kitties will stand their ground and make the coons wait.  

 I found this track in the mud, the adjoining one was in the leaves and doesn’t show.  I think it’s a coon track (front paw), with the long slender claws, but …it could be opossum, or dog, lol.  

Lookee who showed up to dinner tonight.  That’s the Little Momma kitty in the foreground watching the coon.   I had to shoot through the door cause he/she kept running off when I opened the door.

The worst are the opossum.  The cats won’t stick around if the opossum come up.   Must be those huge teeth they have!

Susan ~ Patchkat