New Rooster in Town!

 You’ll remember posts on the neighbor’s rooster…Big Red.  He met his demise in the jaws of a dog. 

 I don’t know what Charlie is calling this new guy in town, but he’s gorgeous! 

 I’m calling him Bad Boy though Copper Top would also fit.  He still has his fighting spurs and loves to crow.   I don’t think he’s found the cat food yet as another neighbor feeds the hens and Bad Boy has inherited a harem of 5!  Guess where he spends his time….His harem has 2 of these white gals, a grey speckled and 2 golden orange hens.  

I’d just like them to eat grubs, bugs and grasshoppers out of our garden come Summertime.

Plus I love watching them.

Susan ~ Patchkat


4 responses to “New Rooster in Town!

  1. I wish I could have chickens, but my DH says no. I do my my eggs from a local farm though.
    I always get jealous when I read Judy L.’s blog and she talks about her beautiful eggs.

    • I’m holding out for a coop…and some chickens. My only worry now is that if I let them free range, they’ll end up at the neighbor’s house!