Life in a Make-Do Greenhouse

So far, it looks like most of the plants in the greenhouse are doing well,  or at least holding their own.   These are just a few that we’re wintering.

The Rosemary looks pretty dead, but it’s pulled through the last 9 winters…4 of them in the ground.  I’m hoping it’s just dormant and not deceased, lol.

This little room is 4′ x 8′,  built onto the end of our deck, faces NW and is lined in heavy weight clear drop cloths.  We have a small osciallating heater set at 42° to keep it above freezing.  I had to really crank it up when we had that 2 weeks of below freezing temps.   Our weather is SO unpredicable.  

Today, it hit 80°.   The Greenhouse shows 87°!   2 days ago, the high was 36°. 

Maybe we can pull all the plants out in another month and give them lots of water and sunshine…and some fresh air/heat during the days.

I’m ready for Spring!  Enough of the freezing weather, icy roads.  ENOUGH!

Susan ~ Patchkat



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