Remember this guy?

This is the Swirl Kat.  He’s a huge bruiser of a tom.   He’s been keeping new strays away for almost 2 years…except for females.  He invites them home for dinner and they stay to have babies.  (remember Ebby…and the 5 babies she lost :-(  Swirl brought her home…)

Swirl has been leaving and staying away for days.  We figured he had a “gal” to call on as tomcats will. 

Today,  not only was Swirl home, but he had a grey/white striped kitty with him.  Ernie is sure it’s a young female.   Great.  Another one to trap and have spayed.  I don’t mind Swirl having a girlfriend….I just don’t want a passle of kittens to raise, fall in love with and have to deal with.  We have our quota of kitties!  How do I explain that to Swirl?

Susan ~ Patchkat


10 responses to “Remember this guy?

  1. Ho wonder the ladies follow Swirl home! He is one handsome dude-cat! I have a female part- Maine Coon cat with the same markings–just a little fluffier. She is spayed, but they would have made dynamite kitties together. LOL

  2. Amazing–somebody else from Spokane!

    Swirl is a handsome dude. I understand about the kittens–that’s how we got our last 3. Raised them (there was no mommy cat) and fell in love…. We now refuse vehemently to look at any kittens–we’re afraid of falling for them.

  3. instead of having to “take care” of all the females, why not simply do the deed to swirl? then he can invite everyone to dinner and a movie and it’s only dinner and a movie. LOL!

    • wish it were that simple. there are way too many of both sexes around the area. And we all know that a single female can invite a whole passel of Toms to dinner…and it’s not just dinner and a movie, lol.