Remember this guy?

This is the Swirl Kat.  He’s a huge bruiser of a tom.   He’s been keeping new strays away for almost 2 years…except for females.  He invites them home for dinner and they stay to have babies.  (remember Ebby…and the 5 babies she lost :-(  Swirl brought her home…)

Swirl has been leaving and staying away for days.  We figured he had a “gal” to call on as tomcats will. 

Today,  not only was Swirl home, but he had a grey/white striped kitty with him.  Ernie is sure it’s a young female.   Great.  Another one to trap and have spayed.  I don’t mind Swirl having a girlfriend….I just don’t want a passle of kittens to raise, fall in love with and have to deal with.  We have our quota of kitties!  How do I explain that to Swirl?

Susan ~ Patchkat


The Weirdest Weather

Has been happening here.   We start our mornings in the teens…we end up anywhere from 20-80 degrees.   We can be overcast, drizzling, or sunny.   We can all have pneumonia!   This is crazy!   Supposed to be 20 tonight, 55 tomorrow and * 75 * on Saturday!    

I certainly won’t complain about the rain, sleet, snow we’ve had.  Could’ve done without the ice.  Missed 4 days last week and 1 day this week to icy roads.  Not a good thing when it’s rent collection time at work!  Makes the tenants panic-y.

At this point,  I’m looking forward to Saturday and some warm sun.  Maybe I will feel like cleaning out the garden!   Dr. has cleared Ernie to do anything he wants…wonder if he’ll “want” to till the garden?  Somehow, I don’t think that will be high on his “want to do list”, hee hee hee.

In the meantime,  I’ve bought onion sets and have tomato seeds to start :-)  IF we till,  I have a hoop house to set up and will plant the onion sets.   It will be garden season soon – I hope.   Winter isn’t my favorite season…and it’s time for her to pick up her snowy skirts and move on.

Susan ~ Patchkat