Happy Birthday to Ernie!

Ernie’s birthday present to himself was a trip to Dallas to visit  his surgeon.   Everything looks good and he got his CT scan scheduled for the 15th….with a followup Dr appt on the 22nd.   Doctor has cleared him to do whatever he desires.  Think that made Ernie happy!  He’s been really bored not being able to get out and work on stuff around here.

He was supposed to spend the night and do birthday dinner with the kids…but… After looking at the weather, he chose to come home tonight rather than chance getting iced into Dallas.  He came in about 9PM and it started blowing and temperature dropping right after that.  Now, it’s sleeting and 22.

It’s pretty tiresome to go from 60 degrees and sunny to 22 and freezing rain.   This storm is supposed to dump snow and ice on us yet again, but of a shorter duration than what we had last week.  We hope.   Looks like it could be another stay at home day for me.  I don’t do icy roads.  

Hope everyone in the path of this storm stays safe, warm and dry.  Don’t get out if you don’t have to…I’m just glad Ernie decided to come home tonight!

Catch y’all in the later AM!  It’s bedtime in Burkett.

Susan ~ Patchkat