Welcome back 32° ~ We’ve missed you!


The sun shone, we had a little snow, the ice is melting and we finally (after 4 days) are sitting at 32°.    Weather can be really strange in Texas.    I ventured out for a couple of photos.

I love the Nandina bushes when they grow icicles! 

The water runs off of Ernie’s carport onto these bushes and they make the most beautiful icicles. 

I caught them after they started melting, but the sun was so pretty shining through the ice


I caught Muckley sneaking through the snow to where the birds had been ground feeding…she thought she was going to grab a quick meal!   The birds are faster and smarter than her :-)   It’s a good thing Bear wasn’t out there as he caught and brought me 2 birdies yesterday.

All the critters were happy to see the melt water.  We’re happy to not need to carry buckets of warm water every couple of hours. 

Susan ~ Patchkat


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