The Case of the Bursting Pipe….

A week of below freezing temps was apparently the limit… here is the culprit

 see the split across the T… Ernie was standing at the sliding doors looking out this afternoon when there was a sudden puff of water…then a stream.  After he got all the insulation pulled off the faucet (which has NEVER worked and run water since we lived here!!!), this was what he found.  

He shut the water off, pulled the pipe, and found his repair stuff.  Nice Boss Lady’s husband, Mike, came to help.     

After about 30 minutes, the pipe was repaired, reinsulated and wrapped…

This is a temporary fix until the weather warms a little.  Then Ernie will put in a whole new pipe/faucet for use at the birdbath and on the deck!  Now that the water is working, I won’t have to drag double water hoses around the house!!!

We adjourned to the living room with hot coffee for a quick warm up, then it was time to start feeding kitties!   Ernie says the good Lord was watching over us as the leak was easy to repair and he walked right to the spot where the new faucet/collar was in his garage…no easy task!  

Susan ~ Patchkat


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