Bears in the Farmhouse is quilted!


Bears in the Farmhouse was designed by Judy Laquidara.  Fun quilt to make and I loveeeee plaids.  Everything came from my stash, so it was a stashbuster too!  

I used green flannel for the backing with traditional weight batt.  Should be the right weight and snuggle factor for here.  It’s 56″ x 70″ and I’m using the plaid for the binding. 

Real simple quilting.  I tried using my ruler for the straight lines, but still can’t put much pressure on my right arm, so have more wiggles than straights!  It’s okay.  I love the quilt.  

Thanks Judy, for a great design.

Susan ~ Patchkat


15 responses to “Bears in the Farmhouse is quilted!

  1. It does look ‘snuggly’ – just right for the weather this winter. As to your quilting, remember that perfection is highly over-rated! When it’s covering a person, the quilting lines will be curvy anyway.