A Domestic Type of Day?

Another water leak, but this time, it’s the County Water Co-Op.  They closed it off to a mere trickle, but will be back later to cap the offending valve.  It’s not a problem for us, but it’s on our property.  Ernie called the leak in this AM.  When the worker arrived, he said they’d been in the area looking for a leak…and maybe now, they had found it. 

In the meantime,  I’ve been playing on FB, making bindings for the Bears in the Farmhouse quilt, doing laundry and making a batch of Spiced Nuts.   The nuts smell great!  Sugar, spices a little salt…will certainly be a treat for movie watching later on :-)

 I managed to clean out one corner of our bedroom too.  Progress!

Susan ~ Patchkat


Bears in the Farmhouse is quilted!


Bears in the Farmhouse was designed by Judy Laquidara.  Fun quilt to make and I loveeeee plaids.  Everything came from my stash, so it was a stashbuster too!  

I used green flannel for the backing with traditional weight batt.  Should be the right weight and snuggle factor for here.  It’s 56″ x 70″ and I’m using the plaid for the binding. 

Real simple quilting.  I tried using my ruler for the straight lines, but still can’t put much pressure on my right arm, so have more wiggles than straights!  It’s okay.  I love the quilt.  

Thanks Judy, for a great design.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Welcome back 32° ~ We’ve missed you!


The sun shone, we had a little snow, the ice is melting and we finally (after 4 days) are sitting at 32°.    Weather can be really strange in Texas.    I ventured out for a couple of photos.

I love the Nandina bushes when they grow icicles! 

The water runs off of Ernie’s carport onto these bushes and they make the most beautiful icicles. 

I caught them after they started melting, but the sun was so pretty shining through the ice


I caught Muckley sneaking through the snow to where the birds had been ground feeding…she thought she was going to grab a quick meal!   The birds are faster and smarter than her :-)   It’s a good thing Bear wasn’t out there as he caught and brought me 2 birdies yesterday.

All the critters were happy to see the melt water.  We’re happy to not need to carry buckets of warm water every couple of hours. 

Susan ~ Patchkat

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The Case of the Bursting Pipe….

A week of below freezing temps was apparently the limit… here is the culprit

 see the split across the T… Ernie was standing at the sliding doors looking out this afternoon when there was a sudden puff of water…then a stream.  After he got all the insulation pulled off the faucet (which has NEVER worked and run water since we lived here!!!), this was what he found.  

He shut the water off, pulled the pipe, and found his repair stuff.  Nice Boss Lady’s husband, Mike, came to help.     

After about 30 minutes, the pipe was repaired, reinsulated and wrapped…

This is a temporary fix until the weather warms a little.  Then Ernie will put in a whole new pipe/faucet for use at the birdbath and on the deck!  Now that the water is working, I won’t have to drag double water hoses around the house!!!

We adjourned to the living room with hot coffee for a quick warm up, then it was time to start feeding kitties!   Ernie says the good Lord was watching over us as the leak was easy to repair and he walked right to the spot where the new faucet/collar was in his garage…no easy task!  

Susan ~ Patchkat