Ghostly Prints

Little paw prints, ghostly paw prints in the moonlight…faintly glowing, entertwining, converging…

The scene from our front porch tonight.

Susan ~ Patchkat



Check out the BVFD’s new home!!!!

From the foundation 

To the framing 

To a real building.   

Still waiting on doors, electrical wiring and to complete the plumbing!  Looking good!  That will give us the 4 new bays and 2 in the old firehouse which is directly across the street from this building.  We have 5 trucks.  This gives us a much needed office, full bathroom and a work bay! 

We’re still raising $$$ to complete the building and pay off our loan.  Have our annual BBQ dinner April 2.  We’ll have lots of yummy food, a bake sale, auction, raffle.  The trucks will be on display and people will get to see the new building.   This is a big deal for our tiny community.    We’ve been blessed with a great VFD.

Susan ~ Patchkat

Another SNoW Day!

How cool is that?  It’s 14°, windy and overcast.  Ernie has already been out for more wood and I’ve fed the birds, put out food and water for the outside kitties…and decided I was going to stay in the house. 

These guys are happy.   Sorry for the photo, but I’m shooting through a dirty window.  Maybe I’ll wash them come spring…or not. 

The Cardinals are thick out in the back.  Here is one regal specimen.  They are such bright and pretty birds. 

This hasn’t been a sleepy morning.   I’ve baked brownies and a pan of blueberry muffins.  Have a chicken boiling and need to make some dumplings.  

We have a pair of elderly shut in sisters who need a little TLC during the Winter.  One broke her ankle and the other has leg problems.  With it being so icy, the home health care isn’t coming out to see to them.   Several ladies in the community are cooking to keep them fed until their health care service can get back into town.

Susan ~ Patchkat