The problem with a fireplace ~ wood hog

Ernie decided we needed more wood brought up to the house.  That meant a trip to the back 40 where he cut and stacked Mesquite wood several seasons ago. 

Rather than trying to get the wheel barrow around, he borrowed the son-in-law’s idea of a tarp.   So, we bundled up, trudged out to the back 40, loaded up the tarp with what we could pull and have enough wood on the deck for the next couple of days. 

 Thanks, Rustin!  It works as well for firewood as it did for pulling leaves around  the yard  :-)

We got back to the house and Ernie grabbed a shovel to help our neighbor dig his truck out from where it was stuck in the back alleyway.

I unloaded the wood onto the deck.  Ernie came back, split a few of the larger pieces and carried some into the house.  Think we’re set for a day or so. 

The fireplace is not the most efficient!  It  LOVES wood.  It can burn through a pile of wood in nothing flat!!!  We’ve talked about pulling the firebox out and installing a Franklin.  We had a Franklin in our first home in El Paso and loved it.   It burned slow and for a long time on a load of wood.  

Our current fireplace has blowers so it does circulate the warmed air.   The fireplace is quaint…it’s insert is ancient and discolored AND pulling away from the brick.  Maybe someday, we’ll get around to reworking and doing something different. 

Ernie is like most husbands…if it aint broke…

Susan ~ Patchkat


3 responses to “The problem with a fireplace ~ wood hog

    • It does smell wonderful. Unfortunately, I’m extremely allergic to anything mesquite. I just deal with it when we have to burn it inside.