Snow Day!!!!

Ernie had to cancel his Dr. appt. in Dallas and I’m home on a snow day!  . 

It started raining about 10pm and turned to slush, sleet and snow in the early morning hours.  Ernie was awake every 2 hours and gave me a running commentary on the weather, lol. 

We had kitties who wanted to go out and kitties wanting to come in all night long.

Fresh snow with kitty tracks is always pretty…kitty tracks are in a line, just one set of holes.  They’re so dainty about how they walk in the snow. 

 The back yard looks cluttered, but the trees will benefit from the slow melting moisture.  Everything here is way dry and we’re in drought conditions.  We’re praying for rain on a daily basis, so even snow is welcome.

Here is my “abominable snowman”.  He went out to look for burnable wood.  We’ve fired up the fireplace for the first time this winter. 

Fire’s blazing, blowers are going and the living room is getting toasty warm!  Time for me to look at some quilting.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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