Kold Kats?

MuckleyKat wasn’t happy with wet feet or wind.  She didn’t find swirling snow near as pretty as I did, lol.   This look is one of “could you quit poking around with the wood and come OPEN the DOOR!!!” 

And yes,  I stopped and let her inside.   See that greenhouse room in the background…it has a heater, cat beds AND fresh water.  There is shelter for kold kats.   Only 2 out of about 7 of them have figured it out.  They have a little flap to go in/out and be protected from the wind.  Dumb kats!

FraidyKat came back inside too.   He promptly made himself at home with Ernie’s tobaggon caps and gloves.   I’m not sure what this pose is…he looked happy.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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