The new Bull’s Harem, Kitties and Siskins!

Not only were there more Pine Siskins this morning, but the neighbor bought a new bull and he was laying in our back 40 surveying his new harem!  Out with the camera I went and this is what I have to show…

If you enlarge the photo, you might be able to see the Pine Siskins yellow (wings and under tail area)  The bottom bird had just landed.    I counted 11 birds in the tree waiting to get on the bag…they weren’t comfy with me standing there.  Silly birds. 


The new bull is huge.   He stood looking out the gate for awhile, then laid down in the middle of the herd.   I bet he came in from the auction last Wednesday.


Here is part of his new harem.  I counted 20 cows, yearlings and calves.   I think that’s the neighbor’s complete herd from the pastures on the other side of the road.   He has lots of cows scattered through various pastures.

Here we have a little “lunchtime” action.

The kitties all followed me to the back 40 for this next batch of photos.  

These 2 yearlings were closest to the gate and extremely interested in the kitties.  They came up to within 10′ of me.

I just love these little white faced cows.  They look so sweet.  The lead cow has a white face with a black spot on her forehead…and she’s twice the size of this yearling.

 Sure is nice to have a herd without the hassles of ownership!

Susan ~ Patchkat



4 responses to “The new Bull’s Harem, Kitties and Siskins!

  1. Love the bird pics! We enjoy ours too. Hubby’s job is to fill the feeders every morning & the birds are there waiting for him.

  2. Love the birds! I think I saw a flock of Canadian Geese today heading North–not sure. Seems a little early for them to be returning ….