More Tests…when does it end???

Had an Echocardiagram today.  We determined I  *DO* have a heart…it beats, makes noise and blood flows.    I won’t know anything more until Monday when I see the oncologist.

Did a little shopping for the office, had lunch, then back home.   Think we decided dinner is whatever one can find in the refrigerator.   That’s always cool cause it gives me more sewing time.    Actually,  I need to go pick out some more tops to load on the machine tomorrow!

  This morning saw me out feeding birds…and I snapped a few more photos of the Cedar Wax Wings…

There was a flock of maybe 100 out there, but I also had 9 cats milling around my ankles, so the birds kept to the top of the trees.

There were also Pine Siskins on the thistle feeder.  First ones I’ve seen here!

My photos aren’t very clear of the the Siskins, but maybe they’ll be back tomorrow.  Pretty little birds, V-shaped tails, yellow on their wings and lots of brown striping.  They seem to love the thistle sock.  It’s empty tonight.  Lucky for them,  I bought another one today.

 Not to be outdone, Swirl had to be petted and get his time in front of the camera. 

He’s a HUGE un-nuetered male…with dark swirls on his sides.  He came to us about 2 years ago, meaner than mean.  He still runs off all the strays, but he keeps our population stable. 

He’s not overly trusting, but he does love to be petted.  Swirl comes when called.   He fathered Ebby’s kittens last Spring…the ones she lost.  They were huge and she was too little to be a Mom.  Now she’s fixed…and still hangs with Swirl.   We encourage him to hang out here and enjoy scratching his head.


Susan ~ Patchkat


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