Good News!

Had a visit with the Ortho Surgeon yesterday.  He took more x-rays of the arm and said it’s looking great!  There is new bone growth where the original tumor was and the rod/pin is still tight in the bone!  He was pleased with the mobility … even though I’m not totally pleased on that count.   He and his staff always make me feel good.  They always remind me that God is the greatest healer.  Never underestimate the power of prayer!

When I parked at the office today, there was a gorgeous Yellow-Shafted Norther Flicker  in the pecan tree.   If you’re not familiar with birds, this is a big guy…about 12″ tall with a little spot of orangy-red on the back of his head, a black bib, a spotted belly and gold/black striped wings.  They have long heavy bills and pointy tails.  Really pretty birds and a blessing to see. 

Ernie had dinner ready when I got home, so we were done in the kitchen earlier than normal.  We watched a movie and I managed to bind most of a little quilt.  I’ll finish and post pictures tomorrow.  I have 1 more of the NYE Mystery quilts to bind!  I’ll have to pull out more quilt tops to load on the machine this weekend :-) or I won’t have any hand quilting to work on next week!  Gotta get these quilts done and out of here…they’re not doing anyone any good stacked in the sewing studio.

Susan ~ Patchkat


9 responses to “Good News!

  1. Yeah for the good news from the Ortho! Have fun with the quilting…wish I could do the same, but I don’t have anyone to help me put my frame together. =(

  2. I would like to enjoy quilting again, but not for a while. I have a whold 3000 sq. ft. house to paint and got the kitchen and dinetted done yseterday. You have many wonderful works. Congratulations on the Drs. report.
    It is always a blessing to hear a doctor say that God is the ultimate healer. I have been healed many times by God and not doctors. BLESSINGS

    • Lisbeth, I feel fortunate to have Drs who believe. I’m not sure what my oncologist believes in, but she is supportive of our beliefs.

  3. I am glad to here you are doing better. Keep up the good work. We are keeping you in our prayers here in Delaware for a full recovery.
    Carol in Delaware

  4. The new bone growth in your arm seems like the best news yet, Susan. Your doctor and his staff sound wonderful.

    • They are wonderful. Yes, the new bone growth is the best news we’ve had :-) Prayer is a powerful tool.

  5. I’m so glad you had some good news !! The bird is beautiful. I looked it up after you talked about it.

  6. Wonderful news!! and the comment on the heart check- I always knew there was a big, caring heart in there. :-) Your bird photos have been amazing. I can’t believe all of them descending — to I’d be a bit afraid of a reoccurrence of “The Birds.” LOL