Birdhouses and Birdies

I like birdhouses ~ and birds! 

These houses were made for Mom and hung on her kitchen soffit for the last few years of her life.   They are too cute to trash, and I think they look pretty cool lining the greenhouse room wall.  I can see them from the loveseat!

Obviously, these were strictly decorative.   We do have birdhouses on the garage wall that have housed several years worth of Carolina Wren families and a family of sparrows. 

This morning,  I could hear the Cedar Wax Wings in the backyard…by the time I got the camera and was back outside, they split into 3 or 4 groups and flew away.   There seem to be over 100 birds in this flock…this was the small group that flew into the neighbor’s pecan tree.  I think they weren’t going far from their food source in the hackberry trees. 

The Cardinals and the Starlings don’t seem too happy about the recent invasion to their feeding grounds.

Susan ~ Patchkat


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