Bayou Sighting of Mallard Sord

What excitement!   I’ve wished for ducks for YEARS!  The past few months have seen a solitary duck in our part of the Bayou…but the last few days have brought us these 6 pair of Mallards!   They are GORGEOUS in the sunlight.   I am going to sneak back and throw some bread in the water…see if I can encourage them to come closer for a photo shoot.  Oh,  did you know a flock of ducks is called a sord?

While I was trimming up rosebushes,  I noticed the Cedar Wax Wings were across the road working on the cedar berries.  They make a lot of light chirpy racket, but I couldn’t get close enough for more pictures.  I have started the water in the fountain again in hopes of luring them back.

The Cardinals are extremely active in the pecan tree leaves (they’re eating what the other birdies have dropped to the ground).   I scared up a pair of  Ladderback Woodpeckers early this morning.  They’re really pretty, but destructive and not real common visiters this far East.  We used to see them in El Paso all year long.

Susan ~ Patchkat



One response to “Bayou Sighting of Mallard Sord

  1. wow love the graphic quality of your quilt!
    Up here in Ontario Canada I’m looking at about 1-2 feet of snow today but the sun is shining bright….can’t wait for the river behind our house to thaw and the ducks to return.