A UFO Finished!

    Stormy Night Adventures

# 6 on my UFO challenge list is completed.  January isn’t even over yet!!!

Binding finished, it’s been washed, dried and photographed. 

I’m happy with the way it turned out.   I think it’s very graphic.  The backing is a tiny black/white check and I quilted it in cream.  The binding is the last of the red used in the squares.

Susan ~ Patchkat


19 responses to “A UFO Finished!

  1. Very pretty! I need to get myself in gear and 4 baby quilts…one of the babies is due in 8 weeks and the other 3 have already been born. If I don’t hurry up, they will need twin quilts.

    I love the use of shades of black on white with the red accents.
    You did an excellent job, as always

  2. It is really lovely! Nice job. It always makes me feel so virtuous to complete a UFO. Not sure why–I should have just started and completed it the first time! Is it a gift or for yourself? And you still have a week of January left to complete another UFO, you finisher, you!

    Lynda in Spokane

  3. Susan you’re amazing! You’re sure catching up on lost time, aren’t you. What an inspiration you are.

  4. I love this quilt. Is it your pattern/creation or ??? My granddaughter loves black and white.
    I’m trying to follow your example and not buy stash fabric. I have not so far. I know I will have to buy garment fabric, but I know what it is for. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Cngrats on such a beautiful finish as well as winning the Prize for January on Judy’s Patchwork Times. Talk about a win win! Glad for you. Up next s #10, good luck.

  6. Great job Susan. Congratulations on the win with Judy. I’d be interested to know how Ginger’s seam ripper holds up to the Clover seam ripper with the white handle. One of my quilt sisters got a Ginger rotary cutter for Christmas and wasn’t real happy with the way it felt in her hand. Also the color of the rotary cutter blended in with the blade so much that it was not real easy to see that the blade was in the “open” position. Needless to say it isn’t a favorite tool for her. Anxious to see progress on your #10.

  7. Congratulations, very nice job… and you get a great seam ripper in the bargain!!! Judy drew your entry!